Mission for Forging

Section 01

300 Years of Tradition

Forging is not learned by theory; it needs years of experience. Our experience goes back 300 years, but until 1980 it was only used for hand tools.  And by then it was realised that this market would continue to diminish for high-end manufacturers. Instead of fighting a losing battle, it was decided to also offer our forging skills to the industry. Thus KRENHOF was born as a drop forge maser and since then it has been consistently developed. At that time, 117 employees forged 1,000 tonnes of steel per annum; whereas nowadays 300 people produce 30,000 tonnes.

Today, through global suppliers such as  MAGNA, our forgings are found in almost every make of premium car. DOKA formwork technology takes us to construction sites all over the world, while there is hardly an MAN bus or truck running without a few of our components. The component supply sector now accounts for 95% of turnover, with most of it going to the automotive industry.

The remaining 5% is still produced as hand tools. Click on the button and find out for yourself!

Through global suppliers such as MAGNA our forgings are found in almost every make of premium car.

Section 02

Strategy must inspire

It is vital for the management team to clearly state, where the path leads. With a clear strategy, the enormous power inherent in employees can be directed toward decisive points and make a real difference. Without these guiding principles, they will lose their way and satisfy no one. Our vision is to be one of the best medium batch forge masters in the world. Our strategy not only states where we are going, but also in particular how we will get there. This spurs us all on. If you know where you are going, you also find the courage to take the necessary steps forward.

We want to be the Hirschvogel in medium batch production.

Section 03

A little bit better every day

Machines are much better at reproducing, but only mankind creates innovation. For the majority of people in all walks of life this actually occurs spontaneously, simply due to the joy of being creative. Whether they take this further within their job or not, depends on corporate culture and whether innovation is valued or demonised. We value it greatly and demonstrate it to our employees, true to our motto: A little bit better every day!

Only mankind creates innovation.

Section 04

Fairness & Trust

We have pursued innovation as a long-term enthusiast. We do not perceive any contradiction in this, but rather the contrary. For decades we have worked with the same customers, suppliers, employees, banks and owners. All these people have an influence on our performance and innovation. We think it is a great advantage when such a close-knit team functions. As only then is there space for innovation to occur without chaos. Long lasting relationships are the result of fairness. Only by being fair can one gain trust. And only someone who is trusted, can break new ground. No bank and no Supervisory Board would support a new strategy, without confidence in the management. Trust allows progress.

Only a practiced team is able to create innovation without chaos.

Section 05

Why should a customer work with us?

We as a supplier have no brand premium. We have to focus even more intensively on the question of how to give further benefit to our customers. Keeping to agreed tolerances, is a given. Our starting point is therefore minimizing variation. For us this applies to everything! It is a measure that can be used for the hardness, the delivery date, and even the appearance of a forged part. If we wish to fulfil our stated aim of being better than the competition, then we must constantly improve on our results in reducing variation and becoming a little bit better every day. This sounds simple, but succeeds only when everything is in harmony, just like a renowned orchestra. From strategy through to the commitment of the employees, from the production plant to the logistics approach, and from design through to metrology.

We have to continuously surpass ourselves in reducing variations of all kinds.

Section 06

Our People

In our complex world of work, experience is an invaluable asset for a company. It is the result of a long association with a business. This in turn is the result of mutual respect and an open culture, which also has to be safeguarded. Clear objectives, duties and responsibilities are as important as justice, recognition and development opportunities.

Our goal is to keep employee turnover to a minimum. We desire continuity amongst employees not out of simple tradition but specifically due to the expertise that arises. Despite this permanence, the next generation also is important to us. We aim as far as possible to provide an excellent apprenticeship. And those who pursue one are also supported with their high school diploma or degree. This also means that leading positions can be filled internally.
But even without an apprenticeship or a degree, you can achieve everything with us if you have courage, intelligence, fairness, loyalty and the willingness to learn.

With courage, intelligence, fairness and loyalty you can be everything with us.

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