Drop Forged Parts

by Krenhof

As one of Europe’s leading drop forges in medium-batch production, Krenhof GmbH is characterized by flexibility, adherence to delivery dates and a high standard of quality. Thanks to our expertise in process simulation, tool development and tool making, we are able to develop and manufacture particularly competitive and process-reliable forged parts in co-operation with our customers. Krenhof covers a very wide range of parts in terms of part weight, geometry and material.

100g – 15kg
Steel / Aluminum
>100 alloys in the best quality
50 – 100,000 Pts.
Annual quantities of your product


Design & Toolmaking

Machines are masters of reproduction, but only people can innovate.

The knowledge gained from FEA simulations and years of experience is constantly incorporated into the technology of our forging tools.

Thanks to the perfect interaction of state-of-the-art machine tools and experienced employees, tools are manufactured in-house, from semi-finished products to ready-to-install.


Materials Management and Cutting

Several thousand tons of steel and aluminum are processed at Krenhof per year. The 7.5m long, 5-ton steel bar bundles are unloaded from the truck by means of a magnetic crane and stored in our fully automated cassette storage system, with a capacity of 10,000 tons of steel. Three steel bar shears allow the bar material to be cut to the correct section lengths required for forging at one-second intervals. Our aluminum forging lines are supplied by a state-of-the-art circular saw. Due to our huge raw material stock, containing hundreds of steel and aluminum alloys, we are able to service our core markets accurately.



Approximately 12 million drop forged steel parts are produced per year on 9 forging presses, with pressing forces between 1,000 – 1,800 tons. Our aluminum forging presses with pressing forces between 1,000 – 3,500 tons allow us to produce more than half a million drop forged parts per year. These parts involve hundreds of different geometric shapes, with tight tolerances and precisely defined mechanical properties, as well as ready-to-install visible components. Mainly responsible for our quality at the highest level is the harmonious interaction of our employees, forging presses and tools.


Heat Treatment

In order to achieve and maintain the required mechanical properties in a process-safe manner, optimised heat treatment tailored to each forged part is indispensable. Individual part hardening, directly through the forging heat, can minimise differences in strength or microstructure. With the help of our fully-automated isothermal annealing furnace we are able to anneal up to 4 tons of forged steel parts per hour. Our aluminium heat treatment consists of 4 furnaces for solution annealing, a quenching device and 2 furnaces for artificial ageing. All of our furnaces fulfil the requirements of CQI-9 respectively AMS2750 standards.



Our state-of-the-art quality assurance and measurement technology enable us to carry out economical and high-quality (100%) inspections of our forged parts. The quality of these tests, and the control loops derived from them, ensure our continuous, daily-practiced improvement process. To fulfil the high quality standards of our automotive and aerospace customers all of our aluminum parts run through a fully-automated pre-cleaning and pickling process followed by a liquid penetrant inspection. Additional to that we are able to apply surface finishing technologies such as sandblasting or vibratory grinding.



Maintenance and optimisation of our systems and plants are carried out exclusively by qualified Kernhof employees. To ensure that young workers in the future also follow our motto “A little bit better every day”, we focus on excellence in our apprenticeship training.

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Precision at the highest level

With the help of a high level of digitalisation and sophisticated processes in forging and heat treatment, we offer our customers homogeneous parts, particularly in terms of geometry and microstructure. This allows them to optimise their processes to a greater extent and thus generate further advantages.

Krenhof has been established as a series supplier for decades in almost all well-known car brands, in trucks and motorbikes, but also in agricultural machinery and the construction industry.

Thanks to our motto: “A bit better every day”, this will continue to be the case in the future.


Krenhof Köflach Plant 1
Judenburgerstraße 188, 8580 Köflach

Kernhof Köflach Plant 2
Alte Hauptstraße 5-7, 8580 Köflach

Krenhof Kapfenberg
Industriestraße West 2, 8605 Kapfenberg



49% Automotive
21% Industrial Applications
20% Truck & Off-Highway
10% Two Wheeler


A clear strategy, uniform processes, clear responsibilities and tasks, effective controlling, commitment to quality, environmental protection and continuous improvement. Good quality and a clean environment are goals we pursue wholeheartedly.

Our customers

Major international companies, often market leaders in their fields, have been working with us for decades.
Our customers include well-known companies operating in the mobility sector like KTM, Magna, BMW, MAN, McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes AMG, Rivian, and many more.